Saint Suliac


Nestled in the bank of the Rance, Saint Suliac is an adorable fishing village. Perfect for lazing around, its charming flower adorned streets are lined with beautiful old granite houses, some still with fishing nets draped over the fronts.
This little port town is a perfect starting point for a walk along the banks of the Rance towards the high walls of Saint Malo. 


A corsair town, capital of the sea, jewel of the Emerald Coast… no matter the name it is given, Saint Malo has always been, throughout its history, the meeting place of adventures and dreams…  This town has a prominent position in Brittany. Located on the north point of the Ille-et-Vilaine, bordering Normandy and a few cables away from the Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo is also a stepping stone towards the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom.
As the place of stories and legends, the historical birthplace of illustrious characters, the town has managed, despite some hard times, to maintain its authenticity with its battlements, its paving, its old stones and of course it’s beautiful beaches!

Saint malo


Who hasn’t heard of Dinard and its Belle Époque villas? Located on the Emerald Coast, the town is still chic and full of charm, an ideal place from which to look upon the Rance and Saint-Malo. Unless you prefer the charm of the seaside resorts of Saint-Lunaire, Saint-Briac et Lancieux which are also very close. It was during the Belle Époque that Dinard really took off. As of the 1850’s, rich families absolutely charmed by the area had sumptuous villas built here. Today, with its casino, art galleries and fine hotels, « Dinard the elegant » is still a very popular seaside resort. You probably know it’s famous British film Festival that attracts many celebrities each year. To fully appreciate Dinard’s charm, you must lose yourself in the narrow streets and roam the costal paths.


The Mont Saint-Michel rises above a bay listed as world heritage by UNESCO. Each year it attracts more than 3 million visitors making it the third most visited tourist attraction in France! Whether you come to it via the bay, from the road or from the cliffs of Champeaux… you will be blinded by its splendour and will understand why the abbey is nicknamed the « Marvel of the West ».

The Abby of the Mont Saint-Michel

The Marvel of the West opens its doors for simple visits or guided tours of its different rooms and intimate cloister. This medieval architectural masterpiece is a well-known example of the expertise of 13th century builders who managed to build this building made up of three levels on granite rock.


Open your eyes wide, you are at one of the most impressive sights of the area. Hanging over the emerald sea, beaten by the wind, the Cap Fréhel enchants with its beauty and its shimmering colours. Towering over the sea at over 70 meters, the pink sandstone and shale cliffs of the Cap Fréhal provide one of the most beautiful views of Brittany. An exceptional site, an ornithological reserve, and between gorses and heather the walkway leads to the illustrious La Latte fort.

Wander over to the fort. On clear days, you will be able to admire the panoramic view spanning from the Corentin and Jersey to Pampiol. After swinging by the lighthouse built in the 50’s, take the stunning coastal path to the fort. The hour and a half walk to this historical monument really is worth it. Amateur historians and kids alike will love going into the chapel, the guard house and will especially love going into the dungeon. From the height of the fort, the views of the surrounding landscape are truly breath-taking.


Separated from land by an inlet, Bréhat is only ten minutes away by boat from the Pointe de l’Arcouest. Despite this practical proximity, the change of scenery is remarkable on this island known as the « island of flowers » due to its variety of plants and the beauty of its landscapes. A true piece of paradise. All year around, because of the Gulf Stream this beautiful place benefits from a micro climate. Give yourself a day here to discover its charming houses and wild creaks. And if you come forget your motor! This is a car-free island, you will only see people going about their way by foot or bike.
Bréhat is the only insular commune of the Côtes d’Armor department, at 3,5 kilometres long and 1,5 kilometres wide it is formed of two main islands. Down South, there is the medieval village and it’s 16th century church and up North you will find amazing landscapes evoking scenes of Ireland.

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